We’re looking for inventors / explorers / surfers / gamblers / bakers / lock pickers / multi-tool thinkers / truth tellers / extroverts / introverts / dog parents / kid parents / younger people / older people / all-gender people / good people / YOU!

Discover and do what you love

A workplace as inspired as the product we’re building

Working at Pinterest sparks your creativity, inspires you to try new things, builds your confidence as a leader, thinker and doer, and encourages you to be yourself.

Create something the world’s never seen

We’ve got the biggest data set of human-curated ideas ever assembled. It’s already enabled our cutting-edge recommendation systems, visual search tech and computer vision algorithms. And we’re just getting started.

Approach problems from different angles

When you build a product for the entire world to use, you need a team as diverse as the people you’re building for. At Pinterest, we’re all different ages, colors, genders and styles.

Go beyond work-life balance

We’re always exploring new ways to work and live. Engineers cross-pollinate with Research, Sales with Design, IT with Writing. Outside the office, we cook, skate, travel, cocktail and drum.

Teach and learn—and vice versa

With monthly studio nights and our annual all-employee Knit Con conference, we’re always teaching each other new skills—from lumberjacking to battlebotting.

Be part of a brand people love

Using Pinterest makes people feel more inspired, optimistic and creative. That’s why it’s one of the world’s most beloved brands, with over 200 million monthly active Pinners.

Pinterest-worthy eats

Devour Pinterest-y breakfasts, lunches and dinners, inspired by actual recipes found on Pinterest. Vegetarians, vegans and comfort-eaters welcome!

Take care of yourself

Take advantage of our health/mind/body care, creative offsites and unlimited vacation. Because when you’re building an iconic brand, you need time to recharge.

Spend time with family

Surrogacy, fertility and adoption benefits, a generous parental leave and well-stocked moms’ rooms make Pinterest a friendly place for all types of families. (Pumpkin carving, Valentine making and Santa-sitting parties, too!)