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We’re creating a company that includes all people, and building a product that reflects our diverse population of 250+ million Pinners. Take a closer look at how we build inclusive features:

At Pinterest, we prioritize inclusion for our employees and users all around the world. This mission is reflected in the release of a new feature focused on diversifying beauty results across skin tones. We collected feedback from users and employees that showed we needed to work hard to help our users see themselves. Through the ingenuity of cross-functional teams, including interns from Howard and UCLA, we designed a feature that allowed users to customize more inclusive search results.

Here's how we did it.
Here's more about what it looks like.
Here's background on how it was developed.

Within Pinterest, we foster inclusion and belonging in many ways:

Communities@ Pinterest

Communities@ Pinterest are employee-run groups that bring together diverse people through community-building, professional development, recruiting and offering product insights to make Pinterest a more inclusive platform. Meet them in the video below.

Thought leadership

We open source our inclusive strategies to the industry, sharing what we’ve learned along the way, through our Pinclusion posts and articles.


We share updates on our progress and initiatives, and have done so since 2013. In 2015, we made a public commitment to hold ourselves accountable for building a diverse team.

An inclusive pipeline

We know the pipeline of technologists is always expanding, and there’s not one path. Learn how our Pinterest Apprentice program drives careers in tech for those with non-traditional backgrounds such as self-taught coders.

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